The Baron’s Betrothal


When Guy Fortescue returns home to England, he finds the country a dangerous place. Amidst trying to reclaim his inheritance and discovering who wants him dead, Guy manages to arrange a fake betrothal for the headstrong yet lovely Hetty Cavendish. Despite having no wish to actually marry, Hetty agrees to the mutually beneficial betrothal, which allows her to attend literary societies with her aunt in London. However, Hetty soon finds she must remind herself that their betrothal is not real, and Guy will find a more suitable bride among the ton. As attempts are made on his life and their affection grows for each other, Hetty can no longer deny her protective nature or her very real love for her fake fiancé.

“The Baron’s Betrothal” is a delightful regency read from an established author of historical romance. The author’s easy style allows the narrative to flow smoothly, although the hero’s slips into French could potentially trip up the reader and some parts tend to drag.  The story itself is well written, managing to balance romance with mystery without one detracting from the other.  The point of view switches between leads, allowing the reader to have a deeper understanding of the complex plot.  However, the story also contains multiple overused tropes such as the heroine crossdressing when she first meets the hero, as well as the hero proposing a mutually beneficial fake engagement even though the heroine has sworn never to marry. Some may love these tropes while others may be weary of them. That being said, the novel makes for an enjoyable read wrought with action, mystery, and, ultimately, love. 

Arec Rain