The Balloonist’s Wager


Though a member of the ton, Lady Anne Lewis has one dream, to fly. Everyone thinks she is ridiculous, but she is determined to fulfil her dream. She is using her talents as an inventor to fly her hot air balloon when she runs across someone unexpectedly. Viscount Worthington, Benedict Urquhart, is trying to get past the guilt from his past and move on with his life. When he falls from his horse, he unwittingly becomes assistant to a beautiful but crazy woman with high dreams. They enter into a wager, and then their feelings for one another start to evolve. Will Anne fulfill her dream? And will she get a lot more than she expected when it comes to her new assistant?

Sandra Sookoo has done it again! She’s written a fun and sensual romance with a varied cast of characters, and her delightful prose has them jumping right out of the pages. Fans of historical romance will love Anne. She is intelligent, quirky and completely badass. Benedict is a loveable character who is trying to make amends, and the two come together like they were made for one another. There are a couple of instances where the description could have been more developed, but it doesn’t take much away from the overall feel of the book. For those who enjoy a good romance as the nights become darker, this one is definitely one to read while tucked under a blanket with a nice hot cup of tea. However, be careful you don’t stay up too late as it’s a story that is hard to put down.

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick