The Balcony Girl – The Darlings of Deadwood


WESTERN:  In 1879 Julia Lindstrom and her younger sister Suzanna move to a gold rush mining town in South Dakota called Deadwood. Determined to be independent women, Julia decides to use her sewing skills to earn her way, while living with her sister who’s been hired as the local schoolteacher. Daniel Iverson originally settles in Deadwood as a miner but found prospecting distasteful so switched careers to become a lawyer. Julia and Daniel meet when she first arrives in Deadwood and sparks instantly fly! The two of them become friends while falling in love. They find themselves maneuvering through society‘s demands, dangerous foes, and a fast-growing town. Will their love survive a secret Julia feels compelled to keep, or will it be strong enough to pan out to gold?

Miss Susedik’s love story is a delightful and charming mix of an old-fashion western, a compelling mystery, and enchanting romance!  The men are gallant cowboys and the women are no nonsense heroines. The introduction of the two feisty sisters and their gentlemen cowboy suitors will capture readers’ interest and bring a smile to their faces. Readers will feel the rush of an almost lawless mining town as it changes into a society determined to grow and succeed. The characters are authentically real with touches of eccentricity and humor. The bad guys wear their black hats with no apologies. The love scenes are blushingly innocent. This is a story filled with a few swishes of action, a contagious small-town mystery, and a flaming disaster to overcome. Tina Susedik delivers a heart-warming romantic story of secrets, grudges, and innocent desires that readers will enjoy very much.

Tonya Mathenia