A Balancing Act


Lenora "Nora" LaRue, an amazing bareback performer, is the star of her family's circus, until a tragic accident leads to the loss of her leg. As Nora grapples with the end of her career, she is faced with the abandonment of her family and fiancé. Dr. John Mallory performed the surgery on Miss LaRue and he now finds himself more than normally interested in a patient. Understanding that her family will be of no help, he sends her to his aunt's sanitarium. As Nora learns to become independent and to walk with the aid of a wooden leg, she discovers the woman she was meant to be. Nora's bravery and determination to make a life for herself draws John closer to her, forcing him to confront the future he wants for himself. While John and Nora plan a life together, outside forces threaten them. Nora will have to face her fears and decide if she can trust in the love of a good man.

"A Balancing Act" is a heartwarming romance set in 1890s Minnesota. Nora's growth from circus performer to an independent "crippled" woman highlights her resilience, spiritedness and character. She becomes the woman John knew was always there and in John, she finds a man who does not compromise his principles for what he believes. While Nora faces a number of challenges, they are often resolved quite quickly allowing the drama to fade too soon. Nonetheless, "A Balancing Act" will tug on the heartstrings and make readers believe that love can heal all!

Tricia Hill