The Awakening of Lord Ambrose (The Lost Lords Book 6)


After a scandal ruined his reputation, Cornelius Garrett, nicknamed ‘Lord Ambrose’ has withdrawn from society. His father had numerous children born out of wedlock, and now Cornelius intends to find his long-lost siblings and reunite them. But his quest to bring his family back together is not without consequences. His most recently discovered sibling, Lila, has an older sister who Cornelius cannot help but feel attracted to: Primrose. 

Primrose is reluctant to move to Cornelius’ estate, Avondale. She’s quite distrusting of men in general, so Cornelius has a huge task ahead of him trying to prove to her that he can be trusted. But when Cornelius’ jealous neighbor, Lord Samford, tries to destroy Primrose’s reputation, Cornelius realizes that his affections for Primrose might have turned into something more… And that he wants to protect her at all costs.

“The Awakening of Lord Ambrose” is the sixth book in the Lost Lords series, but it can be read as a stand-alone without any issues. The writing is great, immediately pulling the reader into the story, and the details of the historical setting make the story all the more realistic. The Primrose character is a stereotypical historical romance heroine: she’s a bit dull at times, too headstrong at others, and she would stand out like a sore thumb amongst other people in her time and era. She also suffers from ‘special snowflake’ syndrome, as she’s supposedly so unique and so interesting – but is in reality quite boring. Still, there’s sizzling romance, gallant lords, betrayal and distrust, danger around every corner; in short, the perfect mix for an edge-of-your-seat historical romance. 

 Majanka Verstraete