Autumn Masquerade: Timeless Regency Collection Book 1

Josi S. Kilpack, Donna Hatch,
Nancy Campbell Allen

"A Merry Dance" by Josi S. Kilpack

Lia overhears her uncle talking about his hopes of her marrying a visitor coming to their part of the country and she vows not to be interested in him. However, when Mortimor Luthford arrives, she can’t deny that she actually is. How long can she keep it to herself before she gives in?

As historical romances go, this one was excellent! Although it could have included a little more detail, Josie Kilpack writes great dialogue between Lia and Mortimor which keeps the book moving at an even pace. This was a really enjoyable read by a great author. 

"Unmasking the Duke" by Donna Hatch

Hannah Palmer doesn’t want to attend her sister's masquerade ball but doesn’t have the heart to say no. Hidden behind masks, she dances and flirts with a charming man whom she kisses at the end of the night. When their masks are removed, she discovers that it’s her neighbor, the Duke of Suttenberg, whom she despises. Can they get over their differences for love?

Donna Hatch has written an excellent historical romance with two characters that have a fiery relationship yet still find themselves attracted to one another.  One of those books that can’t be put down! 

"What’s In a Name" by Nancy Campbell

Deceiving the Duke of Wilmington by pretending to be her twin sister in letters was bad enough. When the Duke writes back that he is to visit, Penelope has no choice but to continue with the plan. What she doesn’t realize is that the Duke knows exactly what’s going on and wants to see how far they will go.

This is one historical romance that one won’t forget!  Although readers will wish it were longer, the idea is excellent and Nancy Campbell has conducted it with great style and character development. She is an author truly worthy of her craft.

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick