August Sunrise (The Silver Foxes of Westminster Book 2)


As far as Marigold Bellowes is concerned, marriage is nothing more than business. She refuses to be used for her money and will not be part of a game. When she meets Alexander Croydon, she sees their connection as something more than a mere business transaction. What she doesn't know is that Alex has secrets of his own and he's not willing to let her through the wall he has built. As a member of parliament, he has a lot of work to do. When Alex's illegitimate son is revealed as his only heir, it makes the youngster a target. Marigold and Alex rally round the toddler to protect him. Will they ever be able to admit their feelings for one another?

Merry Farmer has created a fabulous addition to her Silver Fox series! Alex is an older man readers will fall in love with and who will haunt their dreams for several nights. The plot moves at an even pace with various characters both good and bad. The dialogue and settings are relevant to the novel's setting, and there are some well-written descriptions taking readers right into the middle of Westminster, although some areas would benefit from more description. Whirlwind romance and a man who adores his son add to the enjoyment of this book. Readers will want to read the other books written by this author as she definitely has a great talent for writing historical romance. 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick