Announcing Miss Theodosia (Once a Wallflower Book 3)


Dreaming of becoming a writer, Theodosia Tothill hopes to make it through her first season and all the ones after sans husband. With the help of Ashton Grainger, she narrowly avoids being caught after overhearing a ghastly plan of murder while spying outside a window where a group of men are meeting. While trying to discover the potential murderer, not one but two marriage proposals come her way where “Thea” takes the better of the two options. With Thea and Ash now working together, they must find out who the victim will be and just why there is a plot against him in the first place. All the while, Thea and Ash are both fighting against feelings that are starting to brew between them.

With so much suspense wrapped up in this book, it will keep the pages turning and will leave the reader wondering what will happen next. Both Thea and Ash are beautifully written characters that will draw one into the story and time period. Her determination to pave her own path and not settle for less rings clear throughout until near the end when it seems she is willing to throw away her dreams for love. Thankfully, it is not at all necessary. All of the secondary characters bring the story full circle and add to the intrigue, excitement, and even anger with the villain. The villain’s past reveals his motives and intentions in a way that will bring forth both shock and outrage. Shocking twists, turns, and mayhem from start to finish will leave one wanting for more.

Marie Sanderson