Anne and Louis (Anne of Brittany Book 2)


RENAISSANCE:  Anne is the love of King Louis XII’s life. Too bad he is already married. With his annulment creating Europe’s scandal of the year, Anne returns to Brittany to take back the control that her late husband wrested from her. At twenty-one years old, Anne is not only sovereign ruler of Brittany but one of Europe’s wealthiest widows as well. If she accepts Louis’ offer to make her Queen of France once more, however, will she be able to maintain Brittany’s independence from France? With Italians arriving to the French court and the feudal era giving way to the Renaissance, Anne and Louis’ love will be tested by conflicting duties to their countries as the two navigate the events that reshaped sixteenth century Europe. 

A gripping novel about a larger than life queen, “Anne and Louis” is a smartly written read filled with both passion and wit. Writing about real life historical figures is never easy, especially as a fiction novel rather than a reference. The research and skill Ms. Gaston put into her novel is evident from page one. Not only did she take a subject that could have been boring and stagnant and weave an engrossing story, she brought a long-deceased royal to life and made her believable. Despite still being so young, Ms. Gaston’s Anne is a fierce, passionate woman who is also snarky and hilarious. That being said, it is not a novel for everyone. Despite Ms. Gaston’s skill with writing, the subject matter itself may be uninteresting and even boring to a certain audience. An enchanting novel, “Anne and Louis” is a must read for fiction and history lovers.

Arec Rain