The Angel of Soriano (An Italian Romance)

Stella Marie

Aurelia is a smart woman, certain she can handle whatever comes her way. She has already proven she can escape unwanted advances from men. She turns to the one person she can, however he's Captain of the Guard and seems to take the side of one of the men who lusts after her. Can she trust him to help her when she needs it, or will he betray her to keep his word? Bernardo is one of the best soldiers of the guard and is unmatched in battle. However, when Aurelia comes into his life, he finds himself unable to resist her. He must choose between the woman he loves and the man he owes his allegiance to.

Right from the start this book pulls the reader into the Italian Renaissance and doesn't let go until the end. Aurelia and Bernardo are meant to be together, however, there are forces desperate to keep them apart and claim Aurelia for themselves. The language of this book is beautiful and the pace is fast and exciting. The descriptions of Italy are exquisite and will make the reader feel as though they are in the middle of it all. Passion, lust and battles make this book a page turner like no other and will have readers checking out other books by this great author!  

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick