And The Widow Wore Scarlet: Scandalous Sons – Book 1


On a dark evening in 1820, Damien Wycliff, the bastard son of the Marquis of Blackbeck, is viciously attacked and left for dead in an alleyway. A captivating young lady, known only as Scarlett, rescues Damien and heals his terrible wounds. Not knowing true gentleness since the death of his mother, Damien leaves Scarlett with a promise: he shall come to her aid whenever she asks. Years later, Lady Scarlett Steele is now a hardened widow, her horrifically abusive husband, now gone forever, having taken with him the protection she needed. The “Scarlet Widow”, as she’s now referred to, must call upon the contemptuous Damien in order to protect her from the person who has been trying to kill her and learn to trust him with her true self in the process.

For any lover of historical romance, this novel by Adele Clee is a true delight! She creates such a vivid image of life in the 1820’s that history buffs will get lost within the setting. The backstory of Damien and Scarlett is heart-wrenching, and the character development both of these characters undergo is satisfying to say the least. They both believe they are not worthy of love because of their scars, but both learn their pasts should not define their happiness. The plot is steady and gratifying, with the slow burn of passion between the characters as well as the suspense of finding the culprit increasing with every page turn. This beautifully written novel will tug at the hearts of any reader and have them find they can’t put it down!

Jen Griffin