And Then Mine Enemy (Feathers in the Wind #1)


Handsome, brave, and clever Adam Coulter returns to England from Germany in 1645, sickened by the violence of the civil war there. Adam seeks peace and searches for a place to call home, but England itself is on the brink of Civil War. Neutrality is not an option and Adam finds that he must choose between the King and Parliament. Perdita Gray was trapped in a loveless marriage until her husband's death. She has now found safety and comfort in the steadfast, honorable man she intends to marry. Then a stranger brings the reality of war to her doorstep and reignites an old family feud, threatening everything and everyone she holds dear.

The English King once more outpaces today’s politicians for cunning, effrontery, and vengeful machinations against his English Parliament. The tale is well written, the plot moves forward, and the setting is idyllic.  The characters pull one into the story, the plot is perfectly paced, the scenes beautifully captured. Ms. Stuart's dialogue has depth and is steeped in intrigue. There is somewhat of an abrupt ending but it makes it possible for a continuing series with Adam and Perdita.  One should kettle one’s Earl Grey, sink into a favorite chaise, and crack open “And Then Mine Enemy”, a captivating historical adventure with an intriguing, sensual romance.

L. Kane.