Always the Rival (Never the Bride Book 7)

Emily EK

Priscilla and Charles have been friends since they were children, rivals at everything and yet supportive of one another. When Charles becomes engaged through an arranged marriage, Priscilla realizes her true feelings for him and sets out to be a rival for his attention, with the help of his fiancé and a matchmaker. Charles has only ever seen Priscilla as his best friend whom he shares everything with, including the loss of his sister. When he becomes engaged, Charles realizes everything is about to change. Nothing will be the same with Priscilla, and he realizes just how much he will be missing.

“Always the Rival” is an enjoyable love story where two childhood friends with an unbreakable bond realize that they have feelings far beyond friendship for one another.  The characters and story are charming and entertaining, as the reader follows Priscilla as she pursues the love her life, Charles. The details Ms. Murdoch includes for the time period and arranged marriages are so realistic, one will have no problems clearly picturing what it was like. Charles is a mamma’s boy, who would do anything for his mother, including sacrificing his happiness. “Always the Rival” is Book 7 in the Never the Bride series and can easily be read as a standalone, but the reader may find it even more enjoyable if previous books in the series have been read first. If one is looking for a friend-to-lover romance, then “Always the Rival” will not disappoint! 

Victoria Zumbrum