Always the Matchmaker (Never the Bride Book 8)

Emily EK

While at a wedding that Miss Theodosia Ashbrooke, a most prominent matchmaker, had orchestrated, she is asked by a prospective client to make a match for her son, Albemarle Howard, the Earl of Lenskeyn. Theodosia is up for any challenge, even a man who claims he does not need a wife. As Theodosia attempts to match Albemarle to woman after woman, he finds something wrong with each one. Theodosia is at her wit’s end, yet is determined to find him someone perfect for him. However, Theodosia is the one Albemarle finds intriguing—especially why she has never married. As he gets to know her, he falls for her. When Theodosia learns of Albemarle’s attraction to her, she knows a match with him is improbable and problematic. Albemarle is adamant about making Theodosia his, despite the vast differences between them.

What a wonderfully humorous Regency story, filled with clever verbal banter, good imagery and appealing characters! In the beginning, the writing is choppy and feels a bit jumbled, but eventually it smooths out. Inconsistencies regarding the heroine’s age mar the flow, and the ending seems a bit rushed, leaving a few plot threads unresolved. Theodosia manages to keep the mystery regarding who she truly is, but that makes it difficult to really connect with her. Albemarle seems a bit immature, even after he plans to marry Theodosia despite the consequences, which makes him hard to trust as well. Just as Albemarle questions Theodosia’s history, so do the readers. Despite those few issues, the tale definitely has some laughable and enjoyable moments that make it a pleasant read!

Roslynn Ernst