Adam (Diamonds of the First Water Book 3)

Sydney Jane

When Lord Adam Diamond sees a beautiful lady drop a package, he immediately catches up and returns it to her. Weeks later, Adam visits the home of some old family friends, the Beasley's. While there, he hears the most beautiful violen playing somewhere in the house and assumes it is Lord Beasley's daughter playing.  Mrs. Alice Malcolm, is the governess teaching the Beasley's three girls. But, when not required, she enjoys relaxing by playing her violin. When Adam approaches Alice and talks with her, he realizes that the girl who is playing is the same girl who dropped that package weeks before. Even though Lady Beasley tells him that Alice is their governess, Adam is absolutely enchanted and soon finds himself falling for Alice and discovers he would do anything to make her his. But Alice holds a secret about who she really is, and if Adam finds out, it may not only destroy his trust in her, but ruin his standing in society.

An absolutely delightful offering by Ms. Sydney Bailey! Although the plot and some situations may stretch believability a bit, the delightful characters and riveting story keep the reader thoroughly engaged. The characters are cleverly written and the circumstances are challenging indeed. Adam, the handsome hero, moves rather too quickly from wanting Alice to be his mistress to wanting her for his wife, which makes one skeptical of his motivations at first but as the story progresses and they get to know each other better, things do smooth out. Unfortunately, some of the best parts are told rather than shown such as the reuniting of the couple with the Beasley family - an interesting situation to be sure! Still, the book succeeds in being a captivatingly creative and charming story indeed!
Roslynn Ernst