To Tame A Rogue (Soldiers and Soulmates Book 2)


Lady Gemma Barton (Gem) faces a dilemma that is all too common for women in London’s High Society – She is to be married to someone her father deems a good match but she views as a possible fate worse than death.  To escape this ordeal, she convinces her platonic best friend Rob to marry her in haste before he heads off to fight in the war effort.  This marriage of convenience starts a whirlwind of events that even the cleverest seer would not have seen coming.  Is there a way for Gem to overlook everything that has happened and allow herself the chance to find true happiness, or will the events of the past continue to haunt her, condemning her to face her future alone?  

Whilst perhaps not being your typical Regency-style romance, readers of the genre will easily fall in love with this page-turner story. Although the story begins with a plotline readers will be very familiar with, it quickly deviates into something highly original.  Incorporating some unusual techniques more readily found in spy novels, the author seamlessly weaves the beauty of Ton society with the dangerous wartime realities, all while allowing the reader to follow Gem’s adventure and be completely invested in her outcome.  The journey is a rollercoaster, with some epic highs and tragic lows, all of which lead to a conclusion that feels completely satisfying.  

Melanie Newton