Zoraida Grey and the Pictish Runes (Zoraida Grey Trilogy Book 3)


Zhu Morgan is on a mission to save her friend Zoraida from an evil witch. For unknown reasons, Zhu can't be spelled by magic. That gives her the advantage as she sneaks around a Scottish castle with the help of a Russian witch to learn how to free her friend. It isn't long before she learns that Zoraida escaped, and when Zoraida arrives, the cauldron boils over. Together with her newfound love, Shea, Zoraida navigates a world of witch politics, murder, hostages and even a female vampire! Sides are chosen and the fighting begins. Can Zoraida and Shea prevail, or will a new Witch Council take over, seeking world domination?

Zoraida Grey and the Pictish Runes is a rollicking Scottish adventure! The story begins in Zhu's point of view. It takes time to understand the set up as if the story is picking up from where it had previously left off. Zhu's presence is never adequately explained and her character never develops, though she is engaging. Into this mix are italicized scenes of an immortal being we learn is Jock, whose backstory is fascinating and intriguing. In Part II, the story switches to first person point of view with Zoraida. While Zoraida is an appealing heroine, there's little sense of her internal goal or motivation; she's simply a character moving through an adventure. In terms of action and fantasy, the story succeeds and entertains! However, formatting issues with page numbers breaking up the text and line spacing between paragraphs interrupts the flow. Readers of fantasy adventure will enjoy this fast-paced witches' brew of deceit, betrayal, spells and romance!

Tricia Hill