The Whisperer’s Wish

Janilise Lloyd

Laurelin Moore has a secret. She is a whisperer, and she has kept her abilities hidden for sixteen years. Revealing her ability is incredibly dangerous, but now that Ausland’s queen has died, she has the opportunity to become a Rook in a competition that will not only decide who Ausland’s next leader will be, but the winner will also be granted one wish. She is determined to win because her brother, Pippin, has been sick for four years. Cancer is killing him, and the elixir that she brings to him won’t last much longer. This is her only chance to save his life, but what will it cost her?

“The Whisperer’s Wish” is an enthralling urban fantasy with a remarkable magic system. While the magical creatures known as pygmys are a very important part of this fantasy world, there aren’t a lot of descriptors to indicate what they look like. Readers may have a difficult time developing a mental image of pygmys because of this. Nonetheless, this competition inspired novel has characters that are very relatable, and readers are sure to grow attached to them. The story is packed with action, fast paced, and intense. There are also some very sentimental and real moments between characters. The emotions of the characters and their feelings when it comes to dealing with terminal illness are very well written. With the perfect mix of mythology, fantasy elements, adventure and a little bit of romance leading them on, readers will not want to put this one down!

Jennifer Shepherd