Verena's Whistle (Varangian Descendants Book 1)


To the outside world, Verena looks like every other graduate student, except she can actually wield magic. Unfortunately for Verena, she hasn’t been able to master it. After a near-Earth asteroid causes a blast in Russia, Verena receives a call from her family that urgently draws her from school. Verena, and her two cousins, Theo and Julian, then get their whole worlds flipped upside down when they learn their family has been keeping their history a secret. The three of them must complete their parts of the mission and chase after potential monsters to save the world, all while trying not to get distracted by the love interests that come along the way. A piece of cake, right?

Buckle-up fantasy readers, this novel warps you into a whole new world of myths and monsters before sliding you into a wild adventure to learn about love, lust, and exhilarating destinies. The best part about this novel is the extensive world building and the glossary, which helps the reader navigate through the novel and shows how much creativity the author put into developing this world. Unfortunately, the main love connection goes too fast, making readers feel like they cannot develop as deep of a connection with the characters’ instant-love romance as they could’ve with a slow-burn romance. However, the author makes up for it by making the characters more complex within themselves. Watching each of them develop in their own way on this adventure really gives this book its prime plot. The final cliffhanger is the real selling point though, something which will drive the readers crazy as they sit patiently waiting for book two.

Austen Grace