The Unseen (The Reel of Rhysia Book 1)


Elwyn is completely unremarkable, and that is the way she likes it. Her ability to remain unnoticed in every situation is what has made her a terrific thief. It is what gave her the job at the notorious crime syndicate where she was raised, and it is what will keep her alive and hidden in Amblewick, where she has fled this same syndicate. But when people start noticing her, she suddenly finds herself banded together with a fellow syndicate assassin, a prince looking for fun, and a young girl she can’t resist protecting. As this unlikely group finds themselves tossed together, they find that in order to save themselves, they have to work together. Working together might even help them to save multiple worlds.

Lilla Glass has woven a fantasy filled with multiple worlds and realms, fae, and magic. Each of the main characters undergoes wonderful character development as they learn to work together. Elwyn and Prince Aedyn have a delightful chemistry, although that is not a major focus, but ads sprinkles of hope for a budding romance. Even the villain in the story has a compelling backstory that induces sympathy and understanding. It is a perfect mix of fantasy, adventure, and suspense. Trigger warning for some graphic descriptions of violence and abuse of children. With such a large cast of characters, Ms. Glass has given each a unique voice and story, and despite the number of players, it is never overwhelming but serves to pull readers into this carefully crafted world. Absolute perfection!

Cara Cieslak