The Quarter Mage (The Quarter Mage Book 1)

Angelina J.

Princess Sanja Lazar is on the run after she’s forced into marriage with a tyrant and almost killed for her throne. However, the human princess is in for a rude awakening when she finds herself stumbling into the fairylands. To survive, Sanja ends up finding two powerful Mages, who willingly take her in for an extra hand around their house. Sanja decides to join them and become a Quarter Mage, so she can seek revenge on the man who stole her throne, but Sanja soon finds herself attracted to the grumpy Mage, Tristan Bale. As more secrets are revealed and the Mages find themselves deep in trouble with fairy royalty, the Quarter Mage battles continuous conflicts, fighting so she and her new people can survive.

Get ready to be entranced by a chaotic world of evil fairies, complex magic, and a hint of spicy romance, because this read is hypnotic from start to finish! Right at the beginning readers are launched into the action with the gripping hook of the plot. The book keeps this quick pace throughout, sometimes making it hard to keep up with everything. However, the descriptions are rich, and they make one feel like they’re right there in Sanja’s world. Too many details can make the book feel overly packed in places, and the author occasionally leaves confusing loose ends which are unsatisfying. Otherwise, the story always has the reader guessing, keeping one on the edge of their seats, waiting for the next conflict to hit. Even the characters are complex and unpredictable, making the entire read fun and engaging.

Austen Grace