A Not-Summer Night’s Scream (The Book of The Idiot 2)


COMEDY: Segorian used to be the Idiot of Peladon. He was the scapegoat whenever one was needed, and would accept exile. Then, he’d come back in the gate to await the next time he was needed. However, Segorian has a new role now: King. Now that Segorian is the King instead of the Idiot, he has to learn how to adjust to his new role, as well as a new relationship dynamic with his queen, Sonea. When Caointe, a banshee, shows up with a message from Segorian’s mother threatening a child, and leaves said child behind at the palace. When a plot to kidnap the child is uncovered, Sonea and Segorian leave the castle on a quest.

Graeme Smith’s “A Not-Summer Night’s Scream” is filled with snark and banter that will keep readers laughing. It is the second book in the series, and the books work best in conjunction with one another. This book is told in first person from Segorian’s perspective, and the voice remains consistent and remarkably conversational throughout. Some jokes are repeated several times, dampening the humor. At times, the constant humor can make the plot a little confusing to follow. The dialogue of various characters could be a bit more distinctive, as many of them tend to blend together, and interpersonal relationships could use a little more depth. The witty banter keeps the book clipping along at a brisk, enjoyable pace, and Mr. Smith has created a world incredibly unique. For the reader looking for an adventurous tale with a boatload of humor, this book is the perfect addition to any TBR.

Shailyn Rogers