The Last Danann (Titanian Chronicles 2)


Kailen is the last of the Tuatha De Danann as his people have all been destroyed. When his lover sacrifices herself to save him, he decides to close off his heart forever. Kailen has lived for centuries, lived and fought. He is a warrior who has pledged to help the Titanians defeat the daemon horde. Talaith is a sorceress training under the great Khnurn. When Khnurn sends Talaith to aid Kailen and the Titanians against a demon attack, they find they don’t just work well together but have a passion that will not be denied. Kailen will not allow himself to lose another, but Talaith is more powerful and important than either of them realize and may be the only one who can finish this fight.

A fast-paced adventure with colorful descriptions and characters that come to life! Keeping track of all the varieties of supernaturals can be a difficult task for the reader with this one. Full of vivid battles, the story instantly transports the reader, as if through a portal, into this fantastic world. Because so much plot is taken up with battles and politics, the relationship between Kailen and Talaith takes a stunted path. Kailen starts out guarding his heart and then suddenly the relationship is solid, which feels a bit rushed. The politics of the supernatural world and its inner machinations are fascinating and keep the adventure moving quickly while the plot expands in many directions at once. A magical tale that will leave readers reaching for the next in the series to find out how it all will end!

Cara Cieslak