The Lady of the Mirrored Lake (The Wild Rose and The Sea Raven Book 2)

Jennifer Ivy Walker
Issylte must escape to prevent the Black Widow Queen from finding her. She leaves Avalon
with two Knights who have been accused of treason. They’re determined to prove their
innocence and defeat their enemies. Things don’t quite go as planned when they arrive in
Bretagne and Issylte finds friends in shapeshifters after she heals a wolf who has been injured.
When she becomes Lady of the Mirrored Lake, she is sworn to defend the waters of the
Goddess. Issylte finds herself having to complete a quest in order to find an object that is
hidden within the lake. Issylte and Tristan have a fight on their hands, and it will take all their
strength to prevail.
Jennifer Ivy Walker has written another interesting story in The Wild Rose and The Sea Raven
series. A fascinating read with dynamic characters that are well written and bring the story to
life in a number of ways. Issylte is a likeable character whom readers will enjoy going on a
journey with, making readers want to know what happens next. There may be some difficulty
with pronunciation of the names, which may slow down the flow somewhat, but it doesn’t
take too much away from the story. It would be worth reading the first book in the series in
order to get a better idea of what’s going on, so as to more fully understand the world and the
characters as there is a lot of information given. Overall, an interesting tale that will keep
readers entertained!
Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick