The Flaws of Gravity

Who do you believe when you don’t know who to believe? That’s the quandary Jude finds herself in when she wakes up from a coma. The fairies are everywhere, some good, and many bad. Jude is half fairy, thanks to her human mother. Now all she wants is a frozen drink, a chaise lounge, and a beach. Before she can get that, however, she needs to save the world from the powerful fairy, Aubrie, who wants to rule it. When she awakes from a three- month coma, the Consilium has been overthrown and the good and bad fairies are battling. Jude just wishes they’d wear white and black hats for identification. From one misadventure to the other, Jude moves around Canada searching for the two items Aubrie needs and hangs on to the one thing she must remember—fairies lie.
“The Flaws of Gravity” is not only an entertaining read; it’s an education about the various types of fairies that exist. And none of them are Tinkerbell. As Jude moves from one misadventure to another, she encounters all kinds of good and bad fairy folk. In the midst of helping her former lover, Daniel, find the two items before Aubrie, she spends a lot time in battle. There’s never a dull moment in Jude’s world and never a time when she feels she’s aligned with the right people. Caye has done an amazing job of creating all this havoc going on around humans in the Canadian cities. Thanks to glamour and other fairy tools, it’s pretty interesting to see how that happens.
Leah Neale