Dream Lover - Dream Weavers, Book 4


Tony Oneiros, Dream Weaver and sports performance trainer, doesn't approve of the bad influence of a particular Lunatic. Hunter Mahina, Menae and personal life-coach, enjoys helping people have fun. After sharing a wild kiss and a naked slow dance under the moonlight, they can't stop thinking about each other. Against their better judgment and in spite of their family's historical feud, they meet on the pretense of setting ground rules. Their arguing leads to kissing, which leads to a nooner, which leads to secret trysts, which leads to feelings for each other, which leads to worrying how they're going to let their families know about their relationship. But when Hunter notices a menacing blue light from her client's electronics, she informs Tony that they may have a new sleep raider to deal with in the dream realm—and the waking world.

As an urban fantasy, "Dream Lover" is a hot, hot, hot, enemy-to-lover romance with a modern day lesson to balance technology and real world experiences all wrapped into one! The characters are mythical entities with influential powers over humans when awake or asleep. The romance is flavored with an unexplained Hatfield and McCoy's storyline stretching back millennia and brought into modern day. The titillating love scenes are playful, sensual, and worthy of each steaming tea kettle! The villain of the story is a contemporary issue given monster-like qualities requiring our lovers and their feuding families to put aside their differences to vanquish. Ms. Dean's fourth installment in her Dream Weaver series is a standalone standout with a feisty heroine and a protective hero who battle the odds and blue monsters for a love readers dream of.

Tonya Mathenia