Dragon(e) Baby Gone (Reports from the Department of Intangible Assets Book 1)


Diane Morris is a senior agent with the Department of Intangible Assets who would prefer being transferred to a paper-pushing job. Instead, here she is in the field chasing after "tourists." Of course, these tourists are not from out of state—they're from an entirely different plane! After nearly losing her life, she discovers that her job isn't finished. She might have saved one dragon egg, but there's another one out there, and she needs to find it and return it fast, before one angry mama dragon destroys half of Florida! It doesn't help that she's assigned to work with a demon, who is the stuff of nightmares. With others on the egg’s trail, the last thing she needs is to run into an old flame who got tired of her lies and walked out on her. As the shocks keep coming, Diane stays focused on the goal. But this time she's not alone and if she lives long enough, maybe she can get a second chance.

"Dragon(e) Baby Gone" takes readers on a wild ride from page one! It's non-stop action and every time it seems things might get better, they get worse! Diane brilliantly captures the feel of the veteran agent ready for a slower lane, only to have to keep going because there is no off ramp. Through a combination of luck, intelligence, and sheer bullheadedness, she slogs forward. The appearance of an ex-girlfriend rounds out Diane and underscores the loneliness of her job. For sheer fun, "Dragon(e) Baby Gone" does it all with entertaining, action-packed scenes, engaging characters and compelling world building! Readers won't be able to put this book down!

Tricia Hill