Diomere’s Mercenary (The Gate Keeper Chronicles, Book 3)

Sabrina A.

Desperate to aide his starving people, Jibril, human King/Raj of Bererzan seeks war against the domain of Diomere. His advisor pressures Neeru, a dragon shapeshifter and leader of the Mercenary Guild to fight on Jibril’s side without paying the Guild’s fee because they lack funds. It is learned Jibril has been kidnapped by Kardia’s uncle, a conniving half dragon. Kardia is a Mercenary and half harpy, half mer. While guarding her sister Zephyra, a siren, as she goes on tour, Kardia and Neeru’s twin brother, Shahir are to rescue the Raj and bring him to Diomere. Shahir is to be heartbonded to Kardia, but she trusts no man and rejects the idea. But she must be heartbonded to Shahir soon because they are destined to be gatekeepers together to protect their domain. 

“Diomere’s Mercenary” is filled with a wild assortment of shifters, from full blooded dragons to half-mer, half-harpy and everything imaginable in between. The world building is fascinating with two domains described: destitute Iskil and prosperous Diomere. The characters run the whole gamut of emotions in this epic saga of good versus evil. Unfortunately, Kardia displays one emotion throughout the story, rage. Kardia is too unsure of herself, even though she has been with the Mercenary Guild since she turned ten. This makes for some monotonous reading as she battles within. With the introduction of so many different characters with so many different traits and multiple combinations of shape-shifting abilities, the beginning of the story is slow and tedious. However, the character descriptions are intricate and well done! This is an entertaining saga in the Gate Keeper Chronicles.

Belinda Wilson