The Devil’s Trill


OCCULT: As far back as Kayla can remember, she has had a fascination with demons. Studying them in college allowed her to make a career out of her hobby. She gets to witness and document exorcisms all over the world and the religious beliefs surrounding them. When Kayla is asked to participate in an exorcism locally, there is no way she can turn down the offer—until she realizes that Elisa just might be faking it for the attention. Priding herself on her ethics, Kayla wants nothing to do with Elisa or the unnerving psychiatrist treating her. With her world seemingly spiraling out of control, one thing is persistent in Kayla’s mind: that beautiful song that Elisa played on the violin after claiming to have never learned to play.

Intriguing from start to finish, “The Devil’s Trill” will keep any reader on the edge of their seat. Kayla is your typical girl with family issues, but immediately you see her getting in way over her head. Unable to firmly say no and hold her ground, it’s almost as if one can see her being dragged kicking and screaming into dangerous situations. The introduction and depth of the varying characters is nice, but it is easy to see who the villain is within the first few chapters. Warning: This book does mention rape and occult experiences throughout. Some details in the book feel a bit far-fetched at times and may have been better left out altogether. Overall, a great, mind boggling, psychological thriller. Fear leaking from the pages will grip the reader’s soul until the very end.

Marie Sanderson