Born the illegitimate daughter of a notorious dark witch and a light witch father, Medea de Bar grows up fighting the equally strong dark and light powers within her. Once her mother is dead, however, Medea finds herself queen but with no one to love and nothing to do. So, in a reckless decision, Medea steals a dragon and goes for a ride. Unfortunately, unable to control the dragon, she is pulled through a magical portal and lands in a completely unknown world. Rhys Blackseed is the king’s favored knight but even he cannot control the attraction he feels for the unknown witch that suddenly appears! However, her dark powers are quickly growing and threaten to destroy all the good within her. And no one knows how to counteract it, especially Medea, herself!
This is a story that holds everything a fantasy fan desires—a beautiful witch, a handsome knight, intense action, and finally, a happily ever after!  The overall plot is an intriguing one that readers will find engaging. It’s in the actual execution of that plot where the struggles exist. The writing style is very basic, using simple sentences and words throughout - such as when a very powerful God gets angry, he shouts, “This is one of the worst offenses ever!” The romance aspect is also incredibly sudden. They have known each other for less than a day when Media states her love. And both act more like children than adults - especially Media, who regularly stomps, pouts and throws tantrums. If more time were spent developing more complex characters and storyline, this truly would be an addictive and exciting fantasy offering.
Ruth Lynn Ritter