Beauty and The Blade (The Talented Book 1)

S.C. Grayson

HISTORICAL: Contessa is marrying the man who murdered her mother. Nathaniel Woodrow is known as The Beast, and is also the man Contessa knows is a murderer and an outlaw. She enters the union with the sole purpose of finding evidence to prove his crimes and bring down The Beast and his crime ring once and for all. But as she begins to get to know him, she begins to learn that things aren’t always as they first appear, and everything she believes may not be the truth. Her father is the Chief of the Royal Police and will not allow her to fall victim to The Beast’s tricks, nor does he trust her to take him down from the inside. Justice and revenge are the reasons for the wedding, but the result may be love and allegiance – if they can work together to uncover the truth.

Contessa is a strong, intelligent heroine with a quick wit and sharp mind. Nathaniel and Contessa seem to have no spark at first, just a mutual dislike. But as they spend time together, their chemistry begins to draw these two enemies ever closer until they are questioning whether they are even enemies at all. The twists and turns come fast and furious in this rapid paced novel. The character development is great as their perspectives are challenged and they learn more about each other. The supporting characters are funny, charming, and also serve to help Contessa and Nathaniel in their growth and development.  Filled with intrigue and skilled fighting, this fantasy is sure to have hearts pumping and blood racing. The next in this series can’t come soon enough!

Cara Cieslak