You Gave Me Wings


WOMEN'S FICTION:  Isabella Martini is a middle-aged woman who has spent her life taking care of others. When she finds a mysterious box her mother left behind, she decides to finally have her own adventure and heads to Italy. The journey to Rome is full of an eclectic mix of people and Isabella soon finds herself drawn into a world she never imagined when famous movie star Scott Hancock notices her and finds her intriguing. But can she open her heart to love?

 Isabella Martini has spent much of her life alone and her adventure in Italy has so much promise. The author does a great job with the setting and readers will easily imagine themselves at the beautiful Italian landmarks. The difficulty, however, is to truly believe that a movie star like Scott Hancock would fall in insta-love with someone like Isabella who is older, desperately needs a makeover, and is generally off-putting with a negative attitude toward him. Yet, even with the unrealistic storyline, readers will love Scott, who is a dreamy hero that has suffered in the past and is looking for someone to truly share his life. The author does draw characters well, with a sympathetic hero and a wonderful supporting cast, but that is overshadowed with the main story of transformation for Isabella being superficial and needing more emotional depth. However, the romance is sweet and this ugly duckling story does have a happy ending that will leave fans with a smile. 

 Kate Campbell