You’re In Good Hands with Al Tate


Susan Pierson has just moved from her small Colorado town of Loveland to the Big Apple.  Along with a new job writing steamy stories for Sizzling Desire magazine and new apartment, she also gets a new neighbor –  gorgeous stock broker Alan Tate.  Alan would like nothing more than to get to know pretty, curvy Susan, and soon they are spending time with each other and having long phone conversations about their dreams.  Unfortunately, Alan’s dream is to move to a quiet place in the country far from the rat race, while Susan moved to New York to live the life of a Big City girl.  Can they find a compromise that allows them to have their dreams and each other?
This is a delightful, tongue-in-cheek romantic comedy.  The numerous references to pop culture (Star Trek, Three Stooges, Energizer Bunny, etc.) make the story very relatable. When not panting after Alan alongside Susan, readers will be laughing aloud at the antics of these accident-prone neighbors.  Readers might wish Alan and Susan had a bit more interaction before deciding they were in love, but with a guy as dreamy as Al, who wouldn’t want to snatch him up quickly?  One cannot blame Susan for thinking, “Eenie, meenie, miney, moe.  Catch that stud and love him slow.”  A thoroughly enjoyable way to spend an afternoon…oh, and the book cover is yummy, too!

Leslie Stokes