The Year I Dated the Internet

Stacy Lynn

Chelsea Wilson has spent the last year wallowing in heartache. She finally decides that enough is enough and sets a goal for herself:  marriage by the end of the year. She is turning 30 and is feeling the pressure to find someone. Her parents even have a nursery all set up in anticipation of grandchildren.  As an only child, Chelsea is their only hope, so she turns to internet dating to fulfill her goal. Chelsea goes through many first dates to narrow it down to four men that she likes. Now she has to decide who the lucky man is going to be!

"The Year I Dated the Internet" is a cute and funny story that will have readers smiling from ear to ear. Author Stacy Lynn Carroll's writing is  vibrant with emotion. Chelsea is a bright character whose personality shines from the page, and the dating scenarios she finds herself in are hilarious. The four men she ends up dating are all distinctive; Ms. Carroll has done an outstanding job with characterization. This novel is a near-perfect romantic comedy. The ending is unique — readers choose their own ending.  Some may like this, while others may be left wishing the author had chosen the conclusion herself. "The Year's" narrative is dialogue heavy, and the book needs more descriptive narrative to offset all the talking. The story is imaginative and full of spirit, and readers will cheer Chelsea on as she searches for her "happily ever after". 

Jessica Samuelsen