Wyne & Dine (Citizen Soldier Series Book 1)


Working in her family’s diner Lea Gablonski enjoys daily interaction with the sexiest man alive, even though he sees her as a kid sister.  Battalion Supply Sergeant Benjamin Wyne thrives on order and control in his full time career in the National Guard, and in his personal life. To thwart the unwanted advances from his boss’ wife he’s forced to ask Lea to pose as his girlfriend.  His world becomes chaotic when the farce of their weekend turns their friendship into much more. Raised as a child of a broken marriage, he’s seen many relationships go south.  Can he let down his guard and take a chance on happiness?

This contemporary romance is a flirty, quick-paced tale that will leave one breathless!  However, the conservative and more mature readers might not comprehend the younger twenty-ish set of rules-of-engagement of friends-with-benefits that sizzle on the page, and technology-laden group video chats.  While this is the first book in a new series, it is more of a spin off from another series by the same author with apparently other books waiting in the wings to develop.  The flow is off kilter at times, and the military theme is not fleshed out as well as might be expected, given the series title is Citizen Soldier. In addition, Benjamin’s aversion of the “city” and relationships are vague but drawn out until the end which comes across as a little rushed. Discounting these issues, voracious readers of spicy romance will consume this story and seek out the next installment.

Roberta Gordon