The Wrong Kind of Compatible (Love Undercover #1)


Data analyst Cassie Howard is excellent at what she does — she prides herself on her integrity and attention to detail. When a new data analyst named Drew Kerrigan is hired by her company Cassie begins to fear she is training her replacement. Drew is really an FBI agent who works in cybercrimes and his mission is to prove Cassie guilty. As soon as the two meet, sparks fly. The two nerdy types can't help but speak to each other in sentences with sexy implications, which doesn't help Drew to remember his ultimate mission. When he finds evidence implicating Cassie can he do his job and turn her in, or will he be able to decode the real culprit?

Although cyber crimes are the main topic covered in this story, which is serious, the novel itself is all about the comedic side of life. Cassie has no filter between her brain and her mouth, so she just says the things she is thinking, which leads to some outrageous scenes. Cassie and Drew are both multi-faceted and a joy to get to know. Although the secondary characters seem to just be there to fill up space and there is no depth to them, fortunately the chemistry between Cassie and Drew more than makes up for it.  Ms. Scott weaves an unusual and unique story that will make readers laugh from the first to the last page.

Belinda Wilson