Winning Dr. Wentworth


Dr. Shelby Wentworth is returning home with her career in ruins, all because she fell for the wrong man.  With one chance to rebuild her reputation and career, she is determined to learn from the lessons of the past — that is, until Nash Taylor steps back into her life. He was her best friend and one true crush growing up, but he left her heartbroken, something she has never forgotten.  


Nash can’t believe his luck.  The one girl he always loved but could never have is back in town.  With his NFL career over and a nasty divorce behind him, Shelby might be the one thing he can’t let get away.  When his idea to help get her career, finances and self-esteem back turns into a national scandal, however, all his dreams seem to die once again.  Will he be able to convince her that the third time really is the charm?


What an enjoyable way to spend an evening!  This story has an extremely interesting and creative new plot-line surrounding a sports statistics analyst. The characters are warm, believable and endearing.  However, the storyline skates around true depth. It never actually dives in and allows the reader to grasp the real emotions of the characters, thus losing potential richness.  There really wasn’t an understandable reason for the sex scenes, either.  We are given reasons why sex is not a good choice but never feel the emotional pull that convinces us that it should happen.  Still, the story is a very sweet and relaxing way to escape the day!


Ruth Lynn Ritter