The Wilde One (Old Town Country Romance #2)


WESTERN:  Tucker Wilde and his three brothers are the proud owners of Haymakers, in Old Town, New Jersey.  Recently returned from a tour in Iraq, Tucker is struggling with his demon, not the least of which is a bomb injury that almost cost him his leg.  On a slow night at the bar he is drawn to a beautiful blonde on the arm of a rough-and-tough biker dude.  When he discovers biker beating the girl in the parking lot Tucker puts a quick end to the scuffle.  He takes Gracie home with him where he can keep her safe from Dex’s clutches and recognizes a kindred spirit. But can Tucker keep her safe and will the family approve of her being there?


Ms. Young has created two lead characters that are broken and damaged, both mentally and physically. They do not see the other’s imperfections and only focus on the true beauty and kindness that they see in each other.  This allows readers to latch on to the quick love attraction. The story unfolds at a great pace and is enjoyable reading with perspective switches from Tucker to Gracie every other chapter. There is some suspense and drama that takes the two through some real-life crazy situations and is wrapped up nicely in the end. This is part of a series but defiantly stands alone. Readers will want to keep up with the Wilde brothers and read them all!!


Julie Caicco