Wild Love (Brewing Love Book 3)


Peaches is the head chef and manager of the Salty Goat. The restaurant is successful but she wants the owner to expand and she is in charge of creating a one-of-a-kind dessert for the Antero Brewpub opening. Needless to say, she has a lot on her plate. When Colin Brooks walks into her restaurant, things get even more complicated. Colin Brooks was a partner with the Antero Brewery but up and left when a family emergency came up. He left with no notice or explanation and left his partners in a financial bind. No one is really excited to see him, but he is here to prove himself. The attraction that Peaches and Colin have for each other is absolutely out of the question…

Crack open a cold one, because this slow-burn romance will warm anyone up! There is nothing sweeter than two people brought together by food. Peaches is a sweetheart, although it is hard to get past her name. It has more of a cartoon vibe than a sweet romance one — but her character is delightful, and she develops wonderfully throughout the story. Then there is Colin. He is handsome and kind, but his victim mentality took away his charm. However, the dog steals the show! The main theme of forgiveness is really touching. The story in itself is not unique, but the details about brewing beer and cooking will cause some drooling. The themes of love and forgiveness will resonate with any reader and will bring many smiles! 

Amanda Hupe