Wild at Heart


The wildness of Washington State’s parks, including interference from Mother Nature, leads overworked and relationship-exhausted Jules Martinez and investment analyst, Evan Davenport, on an adventure neither is going to forget. With Jules and Evan thrown together in a number of comical situations, it doesn’t take long for their attraction to become obvious. Can two people who only wanted solitude figure out how to co-navigate their hiking vacation and discover something neither expected to find?

“Wild at Heart” has a wonderful premise, especially for those who love their romance with a touch of outdoorsy adventure. The heroine is strong and feisty, if somewhat cynical. Twelve failed romances have a tendency to make anyone cynical and likely to take a vow of celibacy for at least a year. Evan, the hero, is a somewhat nerdy hunk who probably shouldn’t be allowed in the woods alone. However, it’s his ineptness and Jule’s skill that give the beginning of this book all it’s charm and humor. Unfortunately, the middle of the book drags. Once they return to the real world, in separate locations, the story becomes redundant. The heroine’s character gets no further development until the very end. Evan’s character makes far great strides in becoming his own man and taking the reins of his future. While there are some great naughty bits, the steam rating is more for language than actual sexual chemistry. Given how long it takes to get to the happily-ever-after for these two characters, the ending feels rushed, concluding within only a few pages. Readers who enjoy adventure romances are sure to enjoy a good portion of the book!

N.E. Kelley