Wild Angel (Rock'nTapestries #2)


Nicks Sorenson has guitar-string genes of genius in her blood. Going to high school, being picked on by the principal and playing in her father’s club with her all-girl band  keeps Nicks on a steady dose of go, go, go. She loves her family even though she’s very different from her siblings. Aside from detention given by the evil principal, the other speed bump in her life is guitarist Stone Jensen, who’s a little jealous of her but ends up a lot in love with her. When otherworldly messages start popping up, Nicks and Stone find her family tree might have a missing branch, and the blood in her veins may be tied to music royalty. 

“Wild Angel” has an extraordinarily refreshing plot. Readers will see this as more “believable magic” than paranormal. Through carefully drafted steps, Ms. Copell drives the story revealing pieces of a puzzle that were scattered before Nicks is born. The antagonist shows himself early in the tale, disappears and then reappears at a pivotal moment. The technical writing is sound. Dialogue from Stone came across as a little too feminine for a hot, steamy rocker at times, but the character development and individuality of a large cast remained clear and interesting.  

The ending will shock readers and have them shaking their heads in denial right to the last page, when magic once again intervenes to give this well written novel a happy ending. 

Natasza Waters