A Wife for Humphrey


After finding love in the small town of Harmony, Danna and her new husband Eric are getting ready to open a new antique shop in town. When Danna stumbles across a wedding gift from Minnie she forgot to open, she discovers a silver locket with a soldier’s picture in it. Uncovering a love story that ended with the World War Danna can’t help but pursue the tale and finds Minnie’s lost love is still alive and living in a nearby town. Unable to help herself from meddling, Danna becomes determined to reunite Minnie and Humphrey, despite disapproval from Humphrey’s grandson and her husband’s doubts. After all this time, will Minnie get her own happily ever after or will Danna’s efforts be in vain?


A cute contemporary romance that picks up where the "A Husband for Danna" left off, “A Wife for Humphrey” can also be read as a standalone. The focus of this book is the past love story between Minnie and Humphrey, and with additional plot threads surrounding Danna and Eric’s new marriage. As Danna and Eric look into Minnie’s romance it helps them examine their own, which gives the plot a bit of complexity but minor conflict. Although the premise of the story is good it lacks the oomph of a truly enthralling story, and makes it less memorable. However, the characters likeable enough, if fairly simple, and with the sweet romance throughout, this is a nice fluffy read for a lazy afternoon.


Sarah E. Bradley