Wicked Embrace


Tom’s PTSD returns from time to time, and with his brother’s impending wedding and a trip ‘home’, there are sure to be more episodes. Sarah is his rock, encouraging the trip even though Tom is ready to do a last-minute bail. When Tom’s past collides with him the night before the wedding, it’s way more than he can handle. He goes on a bender and has everyone very worried. Can he get it together in time for the wedding, or is he on a downward spiral from which no one can aid his return? When Sarah goes missing and a ransom is demanded, Tom is right back in military mode to save his love. Will he make it in time?

Ms. Boothe has created another hot and spicy romance where the past catches up with the present. The veteran with PTSD heading down a rough road full of emotional and physical pain is portrayed in a realistic fashion. Sarah, who also has been fighting her own ghosts, has another encounter that creates drama and strife in “Wicked Embrace”. This is a standalone story, but, since it is the second book in the series, readers would benefit by reading “Wicked Dance” as well. Tom and Sarah are a stereotypical couple, and the storyline is predictable yet still a dramatic tale of romance with real life issues that couples must deal with. The betrayal of best friends and managing family hurts are some of the true-to-life issues the author bravely and effectively explores.

Viola Robins