Whiskey and Women (Hearts of Nashville #1)

Amelia C.

Meg Forrester has quit her law firm job, tired of game playing by senior partners. Her best friend Kate has won a trip to Nashville, and asks her to go as the plus one. Meg doesn’t like country and is too cynical to have stars in her eyes about celebrities but goes along for the ride. Quinn, country star and recovering alcoholic, is trying hard to clean up his image while taking care of his parents—his father can’t handle his mother’s Alzheimer’s anymore. Meg didn’t want to meet Quinn at all - doesn’t like him - but she can’t seem to resist being her tough lawyer self to protect him and his family.

Meg is a thoroughly modern woman - has a great career, a boss she dislikes, an awesome best friend and a history of dating loser guys that has made her jaded. Kate is not the dumb blonde stereotype she seems, and the two together are a formidable, yet touching, team. Quinn was typical of celebrities who hit it big while young, but every move he makes, every decision, showcases the purely amazing man he has become. The ending is a bit too soon, even with the set up. Unlike many contemporaries, outside forces form the conflict—wonderfully refreshing to the genre. Though Meg and Quinn have their own hiccups, they are eventually talked out rationally. They are a united force against everyone trying to get dirt and place his image back in a Jack Daniels bottle. This is one Western no reader should miss! A hot cowboy doing right by himself and his parents, a lawyer deciding to go out on her own and do more, and country music—what more is there?

Julie York