When Time Falls Still


Charlotte Girardet wants a career as a professor at university – and for that, she’s willing to put everything else, including love, aside. Justice Cooper is a security guard, whose job has become a lot more difficult now that a vicious attacker is out to harm students on campus. When Charlotte becomes a new target for the assailant, Justice will have to protect her. 

In the background of the romance story, an assailant is attacking women around campus, and when Charlotte finds herself becoming involved in the drama, she finds solace with Justice, and her walls come crashing down.

Charlotte is cold and distant, and has closed off her heart, which makes it more difficult for the reader to relate to her. Her interactions with the love interest, security guard Justice Cooper, were forced at first, but as the two became friends, their interactions became more natural. Charlotte opens up slowly, and the slower pacing is a nice change from romance novels that often include love at first sight – no such thing here, and it’s a welcome change. For Charlotte, it’s hard to focus on something else other than her career for a change. The more the reader dives into Charlotte’s background story, the more understandable it is why she became so cold and distant. A slow build up, with complex but intriguing characters that take a while to warm up to but seem all the more realistic once the reader gets to know them, with plenty of mystery and passion, this is an excellent, sizzling read!   

Majanka Verstraete