What a Texas Girl Wants

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Waking up naked on a beach beside a gorgeous naked man is just about any woman's dream, right?  But what if that naked man is your college crush and you're both wearing wedding rings?  
That's the dilemma facing Kathleen on a sunny morning in Mexico.   Her trip was supposed to be a getaway from the family ranch in Texas - where the constant battle to show her Grandfather she can succeed has worn her down.  She was at the resort to let loose, have some fun and find her independence.  
Jackson is a man on a different mission altogether.   He has long since left Texas behind, finding success in New York and high-fashion photography.  He has set aside four weeks to find his birth mother, hoping to find answers to the questions that haunt him.
Waking up hung-over and married wasn't in anyone's plan, but when her grandfather shows up, Kathleen and Jackson decide that keeping the charade can get them both what they want.  What they didn't count on was being exactly what the other needed.  
Mixing sweet romance and sizzling chemistry, this smoothly written, sassy  modern day marriage of convenience tale was a fast paced, entertaining way to spend an afternoon in the sun (pretending the backyard was a beach in Mexico, of course! ).   Well-defined characters and snappy narrative make it easy to recommend Kristina Knight to contemporary romance lovers.  A pleasure to read!
Tammy Grant