What Happens in Bangkok (Two Hearts One Love #1)


Can a rock star and a drag queen club owner fall in love in Bangkok?  Erika Bailey moved to Bangkok and invested everything she had in a drag queen club in order to start her new life. She is  doing well — she pays her protection money, and has lots of good-looking talented men working for her. So what if she doesn't have a love life? Darien Scott is a rock star in need of some R and R, so when he goes to visit his brother in Bangkok he really lets loose.   He is partying in a club called The Black Dragon when the club is hit by rival gang members, and in a  fog of alcohol he manages to escape.  His only option is to  hide as a performer in Erika's club until things cool off and he can figure how not to die.  

 Erika and Darin have an instant attraction and this is the focus of the story. As they discover each other, so does the reader discover them — a great way to introduce and deepen the characters in the story.  The “divas” (drag queens) add humorous relief throughout the story.  The beginning is quite violent, and the story is a little confusing with the use of both stage and regular names.   The basis of the story is original and develops well throughout the story.  Erika and the divas show how not to judge others, to value what is on the inside.  Darin learns that not everyone wants something from another person, and that helping others is rewarding.  The sex between Erika and Darin will not disappoint. A unique premise, nicely executed. A great fun read!

 Laura Dinsdale