Welcome To the World of Internet Dating, Conor Fitzpatrick

Randal Neal

Widower Conor Fitzpatrick is almost forty and living in Venice Beach, California, where he manages a nineties rock band.  Somehow, the British rockers used to filling arenas back in the day are now playing county fairs and small night clubs. Conor agrees to host his lovable niece Chloe until she gets a paying job and can get on her feet after graduating from Boston University. Chloe decides that her uncle needs more of a social life, and a little romance wouldnt hurt him either. She treats him to a day of make overs and sets up an online dating profile for him. When she finds a new job as an assistant to a very well-known female movie producer, she settles into the LA lifestyle with ease. Can Chloe play matchmaker for her uncle and help him do the same?


Mr. Cohen has done a great job with his freshman novel. The Los Angeles lifestyle is well portrayed and exhibits the vast diversity of those that work and live there. The characters are well described, from the old rock-and-roll types to the Irish family living in Boston, MA. The plot and the arc flow well and are a bit predictable at times, but keep readers engaged to see where the story goes. The subplots add to the drama and the romance is well thought out. 


This book will appeal to those who grew up in the 1980s and music buffs as it references music from the 1980s, 1990s and modern day. Awesome!


Julie Caicco