The Wedding Reject Table (Nashville Connections Book 2)


While making her debut as a wedding caterer, cake decorator Maggie Taylor must not only abandon her seat at the reject table but also deal with a disastrous cake collapse. However, when fellow reject guest Chad Robertson rushes to the rescue to help her, Maggie has more on her mind than just cake. Used to dealing with issues from her family, Maggie finds her problems and her look on life changing with Chad in her life. However, Maggie isn’t the only one who is looking at life differently - Chad finds his attraction to Maggie isn’t the only thing on his plate. 


This lighthearted tale of love and romance is a fun and entertaining story that keeps the reader enthralled from beginning to end. Full of witty banter and sweet love, this heartwarming novel has a little bit of everything, including endearing characters that are well developed, amusing dialogue, and toe-curling romance. The relationship between Maggie and Chad develops at a natural and realistic rate with a plot line that moves at a comfortable pace, however with some issues with editing and shifting points of view, the reader may have to reread some areas a couple of times to not lose direction. Nonetheless, this charming story is delightful and hard to put down; leaving the reader with a pleasurable sigh after all is said and done.


Janna Shay