Wedding Gown Girl

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Kienna Worndell sells wedding dresses at a bridal boutique in Cape Town, South Africa.  She is also a young, energetic, divorcee, sworn off men since her husband declared he had never loved her.  Another relationship is the last thing on her radar, especially with one of the handsome grooms that frequent the shop with their betrothed.

Enter Rochelle, a rather uppity bride-to-be who reveals she isn't marrying for love but stability, and her fiancé, Blake Reynolds. Blake is a webpage designer and quite possibly the most handsome man Kienna has ever laid eyes on. Kienna instantly feels sorry for the intended groom who appears head-over-heels in love with his cool-hearted intended. Torn between minding her own business and her attraction infiltrated with the need to rescue him from a fate similar to her own, Kienna makes a phone call, followed by a house call.

Kathy Bosman exercises that indispensable tool of the classic, "What if?” in this fun “Wedding Planner” type story. While Kienna’s character doesn’t plan the weddings but sells the wedding dresses, the overtones are strong enough that the the reader cannot help but compare. Also, although most of the scenes are well developed, some feel they need something more. The location of Fish Hook Beach feels real with the frolicking dogs and Ms. Bosman uses the slightly different dialect to her advantage, showing the reader a place many will never have the chance to visit in person. All-in-all, once the reader is able to push the similarities aside, this is a smooth and enjoyable read!

 Erin Murdock